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Ask him about his first memory, his first day at school, his first toy and his first birthday party that he can remember. Don't try to be funny. Lets do your mood, and maybe attitude. If it's risque, for example, use humor yourself. Most lines are corny and with the advent of the internet, everyone's read them. A lot of guys enjoy the thrill of the hunt and miss it in a relationship. Laughing with her will raise your standing in her eyes. But they do look through your photos, says Spira. It's a challenge as a novelist to convey characters in meaningful ways - it's no less demanding for a person writing, or reading, dating profiles. Ask her if she likes you. What job you want to have.. If you're able to be a source of boosting when she's feeling down, she will naturally gravitate towards you. Help Making a Girl Laugh. Ask about what he's dreamed of doing. Ever felt that she absolutely loved what you did for her? It's not really important. Repeat as needed for your enjoyment as well as yours!! Use that sense of humor. If you discover this is not the right person for you, don't hang on to them or convince yourself it'll get better or you're being too picky. Paw her like a cat and meow. Just stay away from tickling her. After all, in his profile he claimed to be looking for a relationship (and why would he be online unless he really wanted to meet someone?) What more do you need? Don't seem selfish. Then choose the ones where you look the most relaxed and approachable. A major issue that might come between the two of you is money, especially if that's all you can focus on, or if the millionaire is thinking that maybe that's all you're after. Look your best. Don't sell - invite. Don't eat a lot around him. This is a hard one, but even if you make eye contact for a second then look away it's a great flirting technique. How to Be Able to Hold Her Hand. By suggesting doing something in the other person's neighbourhood it comes off as casual and takes the pressure off of the get-together, explains Avgitidis.